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Why Savannah Kittens Should Not Leave before 12-16 Weeks


Staff member
After seeing some posts lately about savannah kittens being sold or given away as early as 7 weeks old, I felt it necessary to start this thread. This is NOT a judgement on anyone who has posted or who has purchased or taken a savannah kitten before 12 weeks. This thread is meant as an educational lesson, if you will...I have used some of what has already been posted below, but everyone - feel free to add to this please.
  1. Immune systems are not developed at 6-8 weeks of age
  2. Before 12-14 weeks of age, a single serious bout of something as simple as diarrhea can kill a kitten. Dehydration can kill a kitten. A good chill can kill a kitten. They are so very very fragile up until 12-14 weeks of age.
  3. At 6 weeks (for example) kittens have just left the nest box about the week before. They are still getting used to the world- still experiencing the world. When left with Momma for the next 6-8 weeks, Momma teaches them everything. It is a very important time development-wise for kittens.
  4. We currently think that it takes until at least 12 weeks for kittens to have a fully functional immune system which is why it is also recommend at least one vaccine at or after 12 weeks of age as the second vaccine.
  5. We can't just "fast-track" immunity by giving vaccines earlier and expecting that to give proper protection.
  6. They learn a lot from their siblings and momma cat, but their personalities also develop along with their confidence. At 12 weeks of age savannah kittens are very outgoing and interested in new things while at 7-8 weeks of age they are more easily worried and stressed.


Savannah Super Cat
This is very good!

What is a mere week to us is a huge developmental stage to a fast growing kitten. They only get a few weeks of their lives with their "family" in the breeder setting where a cat in their feral state will stay with its family often for months or until sexual maturity. I don't think it is until you can watch the interactions of the babies with their mom's and siblings that you can really value what a special and very short relationship they have together. :paw:


Savannah Super Cat
When we found Kovu he had just turned 12 weeks. Glenn said "Are you sure you want one that old?" & I laughed & was like "Uhm.. I don't think most places will let you have them before 12 weeks!" haha By the time we got him he had just turned 13 weeks.


Staff member
Zuri was almost 16 weeks when she flew in...perfect age ;)

I got Taj when he was 12 weeks old...and I lived 30 min from breeder so had seen him since he was 3 weeks old ;)


Savannah Super Cat
We were made aware from different breeders when we were looking that the kittens wouldn't be released from then until they were 14 wks ... turned out when I might Keegan and fell in love he was already 9 months old, but that was just fine with me :)