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Wildcat Sanctuary - Minnesota


Staff member
Wildcat sanctuary is up to their old tricks again. This time soliciting stories of supposed medical and behavioral of bengals, chausies and savannahs.

Please do not buy into their irrational fear mongering...they say they receive neverending phone calls and emails from owners who cannot care for their :hybrids": - I say that are lying...

They say that because of breeders, there are millions of cats dying in shelters - I say they are lying - if breeding stopped tomorrow, there would still be millions of cats in shelters because of irresponsible owners...

Please tell us your stories of how awesome your savannahs them the real FACTS...


Staff member
They have to solicit stories to back up their false assertions about these breeds. How sad. The interesting thing would be comparing behavorial issues of these cats to all other domestic cats. Gee, I wonder where the higher numbers would be? :rolleyes:

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I've been saying for some time now that Wildcat Sanctuary is one to keep a very close eye on. Their anti-hybrid cat posts have been increasing over the last few months, and this latest post is just the tip of the iceberg into how far they will go to try to ban Savannahs, Bengals and Chausies, as they tried last year (and failed miserably).

I encourage every pet owner here to flood Wildcat Sanctuary's post with positive stories. I find it highly amusing and ironic that of the hundreds of postings to that ridiculous thread, very few are negative....

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
It looks as if the thread asking for medical and behavioral issues in hybrid cats has been deleted.

I guess they failed in getting what they were asking for and couldn't keep up with all the positive stories put out there....imagine that :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Big Cat Rescue did a similar thing in Florida some years back. I was alerted by a cat rescue person that they were calling up all the shelters there and asking them for the numbers of hybrids being surrendered there and asking their opinion of hybrid cat breeds. I think they actually thought they'd hear negatives. Instead they got a lot of reports of very few surrendered and that the shelters liked them as they were the easiest to adopt out. At least those were the reports I saw...and I did notice that they've never come forward with any DATA on those shelters...guessing the data didn't fit their model ;-)