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Will Cat or her Kitten Bond Without You?


Savannah Super Cat
If I were to bring home a older ( 5 years) retired breeder, and her kitten, from the home they have known, would there be a possible problem with the 2 of them clinging together in strange surroundings and Not bonding with me? Is there a better way to do this? Kitten first? Cat first? Any knowledge on the topic would be greatfully appreciated.
Well, the reality is- they are ALREADY bonded.

I think you might have more issues with the Momma who gets tired of her baby and wants to kick him out of said nest. Paige can tell you how much fun that is. :/


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Trish, your right they ARE bonded. My thinking on that went- better to separate the 2 of them, send the kitten first? This may be the way for kitten and I to bond together. THEN, say 2 weeks later, send Mummy. But I don't know what happens next......

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I really don't know. It may well be that this is a different dynamic than the kitten having another kitten to play with...this is his mommy so he might be wanting to find a new friend hence the new human is very attractive. As Trish says, they are already bonded and I don't think that will change.

Maybe the best plan is to play it by ear... bring both together to your home but if you feel that the kitten is not wanting to interact much with you then separate them to work on that bond and then put back together...
And don't be surprised if this requires more work then a normal Savannah introduction to the household. Honestly, I am thinking of Paige's Zuri being a real witch to her kittens- what, at about 12-16 weeks? Paige will eventually pop on and reply. I think with the uprooting from the original home of the queen- who is still hormonal over having kittens/weaning them and everything that it may just be a rough go.

B probably has it right- this is a play it by ear situation totally.


Staff member
Yes, Trish...once the kittens were about 12-16 weeks and Zuri began going into heat, she became the wicked cat witch of the east...but...if the female in this case is going to be spayed, it will probably be a lot better...Zuri was out of heat for about 2 months in the winter and went back to being a mother cat - all sweet and sugary...

I must say...I have Zuri here and her two kittens...Zuri and Cinny (both females) are bonded very tightly...Ixas and Cinny are bonded as well and the three of them are a family...I am the care taker...they love me, but they love each other much letting the mom or kitten come first might be the answer...


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Brigitte, Trish, and Paige. This info gives me a whole bunch of new angles to work on....first this was pretty scary, and still is, frankly, but I begin to think that maybe taking the kitten home first, leaving the mum to be spayed for a few weeks, and then bringing her, might be a working solution. Hormone level down. All the trauma happens at her home, and then she recovers there.
This part might be ok...but as you said Trish, what exactly DOES happen when mum "tries to kick kitten out of the nest?"