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Window screen climber.... HELP


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All of a sudden kitty has discovered climbing window screens because they can get you HIGHER!
Now what ? Any suggestions or experience with this topic ?


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Sorry I cannot think of anything else. Maybe some of the ladies here can. I don't have the problem because I never have my windows open. I really wasn't trying to be a smart A--. :)


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Sorry - no help here either. I did replace the screens in windows in front of all the cat stands with animal proof ones. I doubt that they are truly Savannah-proof but they are a whole lot thicker and stronger than regular screens.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
No, I know of nothing to keep cats from climbing screens. Clipped nails help aware if your screening or the frame is not very sturdy, they can rip it or knock it open while scaling the screens....


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Thanks everyone! Appreciate everyone's time and info! At night windows are open about 1 1/2 inches. No danger of climbing or pushing out the screen. During the day I will open them up wider, since I am a helicopter mom and I know where she is every minute. I will definitely check on the heavier screens. Kitty's nails are due to be clipped also.


Staff member
I agree with Pam, unless you want to use something like a squirt bottle there is not much to deter them from climbing. Replacing the screening with pet-proof screening is a PIA but is more secure. I have actually used security door screen panels to cover one of my sliding screen doors and would do more doors and windows but I can't find it anywhere anymore...


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We installed plantation shutters.
The breeze still gets in, but little Mickey can't remove the screen from the window or shred it to get to the birds.


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Ahhhhhh....we took down and sold our plantation shutters 6 months before kitty arrived.