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Winn Feline Donation - FIP Study Sponsors


Staff member
This was a post on FB last night...

"Thank you for your very generous donation!

Hi everyone,

I joined your group as I would like to say a big thank you to the Savannah
Cat Chat group for the very generous donation in sponsorship of the UGhent
FIP research project, see below link and sponsor list that has been
published on the website of the Winn Feline Foundation:

W12-026: Anti-immune evasive therapy in the treatment of FIP - randomized,
controlled clinical trial

Hans Nauwynck & Sabine Gleich; Ghent University: $24,962

An effective therapy for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is not
currently available and most affected cats succumb to their disease.
Previous research has shown that FIP virus can evade the host's immune
system and that a specific drug can act as a blocking agent to inhibit this
evasion mechanism. In a previous project funded by Winn, it was shown that
this drug is well tolerated when given to healthy cats. In this project,
the efficacy of the drug as a treatment for FIP in 10 naturally infected
cats will be evaluated. If the results of the pilot study are promising,
the project will be expanded into a full trial.

With much appreciation,

Marleen & angel Oscar
Support FIP Research Facebook cause:
Support FIP Research Facebook page:"


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thank you very much , it was very interesting to read and I read all night. I think I need a support project for the exploration of the FIP I will look for an opportunity to do it