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Wondering if I've adopted a Savannah

I adopted a pair of bonded cats in January. One is a Siamese, and the other appears to be a Savannah. He exhibits behaviors I've read about the breed. Just wondering...


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I have no idea if he is or is not a SV, but he sure is pretty! Congrats on your new family member!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
To me, especially in that picture where your kitty is looking straight at the camera, he looks like a Domestic Shorthair. Behavior is not really a breed identification trait.

Years ago, before I got my first Savannah in 2001, we got a cute little brown spotted tabby feral-tamed kitten from the SPCA... she was labeled "level 3" for behavior and we had to have an interview to assure them that we understood crazy kitty and could handle her. She was insanely active, playful, fetched toys, loved water...all things that now might say "Savannah" but she most definitely wasn't as there were hardly any Savannah breeders back then and none near where we lived. What we love in our Savannahs' behavior is NOT just limited to this's just that within our breed those behaviors are more common. That's why we might choose a breed rather than a random-bred cat, to increase the chance of getting specific looks or specific behavior. For example, Abyssinians are also very active and interactive kitties and most of the stories we can tell about our Savannahs an Aby owner can match very equally!

It's always possible that your cat is part-Savannah, there's no DNA test to confirm or deny it. But it seems that if you think the behavior is "Savannah" then he is a fun, mischievous, interactive kitty that brings you joy...and really that is the most important thing :)
Yes he is VERY active, and really sweet when he stops long enough to be so. He is only 8 mos old, and if his feet are any indication, he will be a large cat when grows into them. You're right though, he and the Siamese have brought much joy into our home.


Staff member
As Brigitte said, it's possible that your kitty has a bit of Savannah in him, and even though he doesn't have the physical traits of a Savannah he sounds like his behavior matches one, so I can certainly understand why you would think so!