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World's Best Cat Litter

John Popp

Site Supporter
First off, my cat's hated this stuff and would use the box with it rarely, perhaps once a week. So we've had a half bag around for a few months and when I dumped the litter I just went back to the trusted Dr Elseys.

Well this morning I was filling up some litter boxes and decided to toss the bag. When I picked it up I noticed it was leaking, and where it had been sitting there was a pool of small black bugs. I took a quick look in the bag and there weren't thousands of them, but tens of thousands feasting on the stuff. I about hurled, but got the mess pretty quickly cleaned up which was the last thing I needed to deal with this morning.

So this afternoon I did a little research and sure enough this is a pretty prevalent issue with the product. Fortunately the bugs aren't harmful to you or your pets, but just the same they are bugs. The larvae can lie dormant in the corn cob based litter for months and other tales about what a mess they can be for corn cob heating sources.

Anyway, stay very clear of this stuff as these tiny little beetles are just waiting for their opportunity to turn your stomach. Fortunately they were far removed from any human food sources and I just discarded any open grain products. No signs of them anywhere but the bag of litter, but that wasn't something that I wanted to take any chances with.


Staff member
I use it and have never had any issues with bugs...this is not really a review, so I am going to move it out of here...


Savannah Super Cat
I was using World's Best Cat Litter but I changed because the corn litter tends to stick to the bottom of the litter pan. I never seen any bugs in it tho. I now use Blue Naturally Fresh ......100% natural walnut based cat litter....and it doesn't stick to the pan and hides the odors well.:up:


Site Supporter
I don't like World's Best because of the dust piles all around my house. I'm not crazy about the Dr Elsys because since Tojee is a deep digger and heavy pee-er the urine turns into huge gooey clumps that stick to the bottom of the litter pan and are hard to remove. I am currently testing the Blue Naturally Fresh and also Next Gen Flush Clean. Not sure Tojee is liking either but will see how it goes.

John Popp

Site Supporter
There are loads of different reviews on various sites that mention bugs and mites with the WBC Litter. I'm definitely not the first one, and had it just been me I likely wouldn't have posted it. The stuff doesn't clump well, is high dust and where the World's Best moniker certainly isn't deserved.

As for sticking to the sides or bottom with this product or others I really don't have a problem. I use large 30 gallon Sterilite containers for litter boxes with a lot of litter (80lbs of Dr Elseys). Urine balls are always suspended and even our corner peeing cat leaves urine balls that are easy to remove. I'm never scraping off the bottom and have pristine litter for a long haul as I'm always keeping the urine balls intact.


Staff member
JOhn, no one is doubting you had bugs...I have been using World's Best for a long time with no clumps fine for me...I have also used Dr. Elsey's and like it a lot...but Dr. Elsey's was a litter that was tracked all over the house and reminded me of cement when it was wet, so I stopped using it.

I have used nature's Miracle, which I love, but it does not clump well. I tried the Walnut litter and hated it.

Luckily my guys are not picky, so I can try out litters...

As for the bugs, I wonder if it depends on where it is stored and for how long, as far as the corn cob litters...

I have yet to find a litter I completely love!

John Popp

Site Supporter
I am sure temperature has something to do with it, as our home was warmer while we were away. My guess is when the temperature indoors was heated up to 80 degrees the dormant larvae just took off. HAd we been home, the temperature would have never reached that level. The product was also stored in a very dry place and we run a whole house dehumidifier. So very dry in the summer and well away from anywhere the bugs would have been tracked in.

There are definitely lots of pesticides used in corn storage. As WBC Litter is a by product of the grain I am sure there isn't as much care taken to prevent bugs. If there was any indication that this was born outside the bag of litter I would have bit my tongue. Just issuing a word of caution and I'm not the only one who has had this problem.

With the Doctor Elsey's I never run into the wet cement or dust issues. Perhaps it's because we run 6" deep on the litter and never have anything other than symmetrical urine balls. Because of our problem pee'r, we have lots of litter boxes and 3x daily cleanings because if there's a third urine ball present, he won't use that litter box. Definitely a pain in the ass, 8 litter boxes for 3 cats, but everything is working well at the moment so better than the alternative.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I don't like the clay-based litters... and haven't liked World's Best so much for the really hard clumps sticking to the bottom of the box. Nature's Miracle doesn't clump great but well enough for me and is my favorite of the plant-based clumping litters, with Swheat Scoop about second although it is a bit dusty. I like that my cats use wood pellet litter as for me it works the best out of everything... if only San Francisco let me put the used litter in the compost bin I'd be happy!