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World's Most Clever Kitty



My kitty just bats me in the eyes to wake me up or starts licking one spot until it's raw!


Savannah Super Cat
Haha!! So cute and yet able to drive someone crazy!

Although I'd prefer the noise over any kind of licking or pawing! Some noises I can tune out... The latter two I cannot.


OMG that made me LOL.

I thought you were supposed to attach those things to the wall, not the door. lol

Yeah same here! All the ones in my house are on the wall instead. I believe they work from either side, but if I was that person, I would consider relocating it to the other side ASAP!


Savannah Super Cat
I had to remove all mine when Elijah started crawling, cause he figured out how to take the little rubber ends off & would try to eat them. Or he'd just flick them like crazy. lol

Kovu just meows obsessively until one of us gets up.