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Would love some advice for Elara


Savannah Kitten
Hello everybody, Not sure if anybody will remember my previous threads, but I'm just looking for any helpfull advice for my f4 Elara girl. Is there any tricks or tips to try to make a savannah cat more affectionate and bonded with theyre humans? My kitty loves the dog and the other cat in the house but really pays no attention to us. theres no petting or cuddling or headbutting or coming to see when we get home, she will sleep on the bed by the feet only if the pup is on there. Basically we see her for feeding and thats about it. Having a hard time feeling the connection to her. She is just under a year old now, we are hoping we can get her to want to be our friends. Any advice or ideas would be much apreciated!
Thanks everyone!

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
1. Who is feeding her? Usually they love the food person.
2. Who is always playing with her. The more you interact, the more they get into your face.
It is a good sign that Elara is pals with the other animals in the house. It may be a couple of years before the affectionate side comes out. Give it time.


Staff member
I can't remember if you did a quarantine/bonding time with her when you brought her home. If not, that's where I would begin. Put her in a room with her toys & litter box and keep her isolated from the other animals. The humans will be her only source of entertainment, food, affection for at least 2 weeks, may take longer. You'll have to work with her as though you brought an older cat or unsocialized cat home. Don't know if you've read the threads by Chris Elliott about Ziggy or Cary about Azidi but what they're doing is what you'll need to do. If you don't want to do that, then you have the option of doing what rascaldad suggested and waiting a few years to see if maturity makes her more affection toward you. When I was young and didn't know about quarantine for bonding and how to introduce animals, I adopted a kitten and let her immediately interact with my resident cat. She bonded to him and it took 5 years before she showed any interest in us. After that point, she was a love bug.


Savannah Super Cat
I really don't know how you can get into their heads that way. Some chose that they bond with and she chose. They do often change however and she may decide to really like you or someone in the family. This is why human socialization is really really important when they are small. Some are just that way. I also had an F2 that loved the dog more than me. I was just the "feeder" to her. She was actually well socialized but just a bit odd.