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Wouldn't this be amazing with herbs our kitties like!


Savannah Super Cat

Gaius' Momma


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It's beautiful, but plants die at my fingertips so couldn't imagine it being in my house! :rolleyes:


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That would be super! If the results we're excatly like the photo. I have trays of cat grass ( not cat nips grass) growing in multiple locations. In order to have it ready for kitty. She consumes a lot of grass. Also have it growing in a corner if the garden so she has the option of availability while we are on our walk. I've found cat grass seeds no matter where I buy them they don't all sprout. That is why I have many trays going at the same time!

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Next thing you know.. it's a catnip farm...and these spotted wonders are all stoned!


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I have something akin to the big outdoor version (garden tower).
I planted a catnip plant in it last year, mostly out of laziness, and learned that the boys were perfectly willing to jump the 4.5 feet for it :)

We have some little stacking post that our boys like, I put catnip and cat grass in them and leave them outside on the patio in the summer. Diablo for some reason also likes the herb garden, would love to know why. The mint and rosemary are his favorites, but hey, there are worse things than a cat who likes to rub his face in rosemary and roll in the mint patch :)