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WOW... 6 Years ago Today.... Elsa...

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Arrive to her Forever home... Time has traveled so fast, and Elsa has become such a lady...

Looking back from a very early post.... Her Journey

More modern day, other than size (about 12 lbs now and not fat by any means) she is still her old self.


She still loves to watch TV with me, however, she doesn't usually stay covered up too long


Her Day Time spot to rest while watching Birds and what ever else out front.


Probably one of the Coolest places she has gotten.... I got something out of the Fridge and when I turned back... Well I had to grab the Camera.


And her favorite relaxing place while I am working on the computer... I call this her Glamour Shot.

Elsa is doing great... She is active, still loves to travel on long trips.. (Doesn't like short ones because she thinks she is going to the vet... If I load her litter box first, she knows it is a long trip and wants to go. Her favorite pass time is to watch the Birds and Squirrels out back... She has eradicated all the mice, so none have come by for her to play with... But when they do... It is her favorite game... Once it dies from a Heart Attack, because she prefers to play with it than kill it, she brings it to me to throw for her so she can chase it some more.... At that point, the mouse goes out the back door!

It is really hard to look back on the days when she was sick and the Doctors Said there was nothing that they could do and said that I should put her down, and then a 100% recovery and even walked into the Vets office and when they walked she rubbed their legs.... Looked up an them as if to say... "I Told you So!"... All 3 Doctors I remember clearly in unison said "This is Nothing Short of a Miracle"...

It is really hard to believe that was 6 years ago, and that she has been with me now for 6 years.... time flies so fast...


SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Nephew Mayhem sends his best regards. I'm surprised how similar Mayhem's face is to Elsa. I can even see it in Arya.


Staff member
Elsa truly is a miracle baby. I remember how sick she was, and what a struggle you went through when you were being told there was no hope. She showed them all!!!


Staff member
John, I vividly remember Elsa's homecoming and how quickly the two of you merged your hearts into one. And I remember holding my breath all through her awful ordeal and praying to deities that I do not believe in to pull her through. And Jake, dear Jake, welcoming Elsa with open paw. I still miss him. Hugs to both of you.