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WOW !!! Oh I so wish ...

I know it woudln't be in their or my best interest, but doesn't stop me from wishing ... AMAZING


Staff member
Tigers are my favorite big cat no matter what color. I was up close & personal with a Jaguar this weekend. Strongest cat on earth -- scary the way they kill, going right for the head but they're the only cat strong enough to crush skulls. Such muscular bodies in a compact package.


I must be having a bad day. My eye keeps going back to this hidden in the middle of the article, under a picture of a tiger with a head (of something?) in her mouth:

"At ZOO Liberec, the oldest zoo in Czech Republic, two lions killed a 17-year-old white tigress after entering her enclosure in 2009.
Zoo workers were alerted by the tiger’s cries but were unable to stop the killing."

I'm also confused as to why the article says "triplets" but the video says "pair." I keep thinking about that article that talks about zoos euthanizing because they have too many...