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!Xabbu is a love


Savannah Teenager
I haven't posted since my initial introduction, but I wanted to update kind folks on Demdar !Xabbu. He is a love. Rushes to the door to meet new people, charms any workman, loves his city-cat harness walks. He put his paws up on someone else's table at an outdoor coffee house, peering into her computer screen with a "what's so interesting there that you didn't pet me?" look.

He's a big F3, I think. At slightly over a year, he is 19" long, 15" tall and about 18-19 lbs. Just curious, is this unusual for an F3? He's calming down slightly, not as kitteny as he was.

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Savannah Teenager
Thank you. I just love how sociable he is. We had some plumbing done recently, and one of the brothers was ready to start saving up for his own Savannah by the time the sink was fixed. He is an ambassador cat.

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Yep he is gorgeous
His size seems about what my male is.
I'm really not sure what normal would be.

If he gets bigger there is just more to love ;)

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