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Yet another stupid Savannah story on Yahoo.


Savannah Super Cat
There's another article on Yahoo (sorry didn't put the link in) which says how dangerous, expensive and irresponsible our owning hybrid cat breeds is. That Big Cat Rescue lady was on there also. She was talking about Servals, but the video makes it sound like she's talking about Savannahs. This crap makes me crazy!!!!! I posted a comment on the article because I was so angry. I wish these idiots would just stop and let us love our cats.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I'd almost bet Ms. Batshitkin from BCR put them up to this. I also bet her "Rescue" is needing funds, and what better way to do that than get it out there in public. The comments are ironic.


Savannah Super Cat
Looks like I got mine in just in time then. It also drives me crazy that people are saying how horrible we are to buy a cat instead of getting one from a shelter. Grrrrr.


Animal Communicator
Ahh! If someone works with big cats then they know servals can't take down anything much bigger than a bunny! Drives me crazy!
They also were less afraid of the Liger than the serval and savannahs... *face palm*
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