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Yeti decided to assert his Savannahperiority


Savannah Super Cat
We all know Yeti is cute. We all know he has a big personality. And now we know he can communicate in a very clear, easily understood, and downright persistent manner.

He will almost always chirp, sing, and vocalize in his sweet high pitched voice if there is a door between he and I. That has been his mainstay for saying "Daddy, let me in, I want to be where you are." Now he has decided that Daddy wasn't bright enough so he had to show me without a doubt what it means to him to be apart yet both home.

Last night I was heading to the laundry room with a load of clothes in my arms. Yeti ran past and put himself between me and the door precisely where he would be able to enter the second I opened the laundry room door. He then sang his little chirp song and looked at me.

Yeti knows the laundry room is off limits, but he indicated he wanted in that forbidden space. I asked him to scoot out of the way, which frequently works, not this time. I further explained he wasn't allowed in there because I was afraid he would get hurt. He wasn't buying it.

He stood on his hind feet and stretched up to touch the door knob, held his paw there, looked up and back over his shoulder, and chirped again a little louder. Wow, I thought, bugger is a lot more on the ball than I suspected even though I knew he was pretty sharp. I explained that I wouldn't be in there long and then I would come out and we could play. He still wasn't buying it, and I saw the look that said "let me 'splain it again ape man".

That is when he successfully made the full distance jump from the floor to my shoulders without hesitation or mishap. Perfect landing. Followed by the loudest, barrage of in my ear chirping, meowing, singing, and yowling you can imagine. He had latched his claws into my shirt and was not about to let go!

I had to shift the laundry to one arm so I could reach up and steady him while talking to him to try and calm him down so I could get him off my shoulders. Not an easy task.

After some effort I managed to calm Yeti enough that I could put him back on the floor. He then waited patiently alongside Yuki, who had been watching the entire exchange from two feet away with amusement, while I went in, started the load, and returned.

Needless to say he got a lot of petting and praise, and so did Yuki of course.

Never let anyone call an animal dumb or stupid. I know better, much better.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
What a smart boy! Keeping you on your toes...obviously Yeti studied that chapter in the Savannah Slave Owners manual....;)


Savannah Super Cat
Yeti knows what time it is, and obviously the laundry room is where you hide the toys and treats.
Yeti knows where the toys and treats are kept and he is a very good boy about leaving them be until I get them out. Kitchen drawer and the cabinet above it. He can easily reach both.

As far as I can tell, there isn't anything in there he could possibly want or benefit from, other than me, and I am only there when I am doing laundy. I have a mini fridge in there, but right now it is empty. He doesn't bother with the room unless I am by it.

The thing that impressed me most was seeing him problem solve the language gap the way he did. He does other minor things to get across some of his wishes, like tapping the covers if he wants me to put it up over my knees with access so he can have his fort. Yuki has observed this and has started her version by trying to lift the blanket with her nose. The cats are all smart in their own way, but this went beyond basic animal cunning as I understand it.

Count me as very impressed by my furry little phenom.


Savannah Super Cat
What a smart boy! Keeping you on your toes...obviously Yeti studied that chapter in the Savannah Slave Owners manual....;)
I can homestly say it has me wondering just how much of the event was premeditated. It did not seem like an off the cuff event because it had what seemed to be clearly thought out steps of progression.

Makes one wonder just how much of pet owner's actions are due to training efforts by the pets.


Savannah Super Cat
I carried Yeti into the laundry room for a few minutes last night.

He was slightly afraid at first, and I maintained hands-on when I sat him down on the dryer top. He did not put up a fight when it came time to go out. I opened the door and sat him down facing out and out he went.

Maybe he had been trying to protect me from the noisy "hissing" room. :p