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Your SV's Water Intake


Staff member
Very little. I hardly ever see them drinking from their water dishes. Maybe I catch one of them at it 1x week. They're on a raw whole prey diet and get most of their moisture from the food.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I don't know... I have five water fountains in various parts of the house, but the dog has access to them also... it seems I am always refilling them though! I do see them all drinking from them, most will only drink from the waterfall but Zari is the only one I see drinking from the bowl part...


Staff member
With mine it varies, I have some who love to drink from the faucet but I never see them drinking from the water bowl, I have one who has to have her two paws in the water to drink (and then inevitably jumps into my lap), some I never see drink, but the levels always go down so I know they're drinking...


Reincarnated cat Moderator
She eats mostly kibble. She has wet food, but usually ignores it. Maybe 6 oz per day
Kilifi eats almost exclusively wet. And her water is maybe an oz or 2
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Eddies a ham!
Mojo every morning at 4:45...Eddie occasionally in the evening gets caught at the fountain, neither like the bowl.


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Varies by cat. I have a few that drink quite a bit, a few that insist on tipping the bowl! and a few that take an occasional sip!


Savannah Super Cat
Out of her water bowl? Never ever. Out of the toilet However....

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