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Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Echo is altered and there are not any other cats in the area other than our female Bengal who is also altered. He is back to yowling (very loudly!) starting at about 4 am every morning and this continues constantly for a good few hours. He hasn't done this in months. He has kibble available so he's not hungry, I have been home with him constantly for 6 weeks recovering from a broken foot and ankle so he's not lonely, he knows Dolos, the Bengal is in bed with us so he's not looking for her and will get in my face so he knows where I'm at. Wondering if it isn't just the time of year. Any ideas on why he's doing it and how to get it to stop so he's not waking us?


Staff member
Is it possible there is a stray hanging around outside during the early hours of the morning? Otherwise he may have just decided that 4am was the appropriate time for the household to be getting up these days...

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I had a cat who would do this all the time. My best guess was he was patrolling the perimeter of the house (he was when howling) and letting the world know he was on duty. Or, maybe he thinks he is a rooster.

John Popp

Site Supporter
As a video posted here recently revealed this is simply singing the song of their people and generally relegated to a portion of your home that provides the most echo and reverb. You should also be aware that this is fair notice that you should be awake and out of bed because clearly either the food bowl isn't filled enough or the litter box is filled too much. ;)