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Staff member
I was just reminiscing about one of my first litters and love looking at pictures of this unusual smoke F2 boy Zanzibar. He lives with Nancee in MI and one of the most unique kittens I have produced here. He is also one of the sweetest and most laid back Savannah I have ever met - at least he was as a kitten, and I'm quite sure he still is as an adult!

CC smoke 8 wks 08.JPG Zanzibar at Nancee's.jpg Zanzibar full circle.jpg Zanzibar in the snow 02-08-08 02.jpg

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Wow...what a very striking boy! I love the smokes. Zanzibar is absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing the pics, Patti :)


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Thanks Pam and Paige, I think he is he most unique looking Savannah I have ever produced! :in love:


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OMG STUNNING, love the face shot. And the ears with the long hair on the edge of the ear. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing all the variations of Savannah's.