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Zeddie is Trouble


Animal Communicator
I was just playing around with editing as I have to do a video for school tomorrow so I made this.
Have to make sure my school video is better :p



Staff member
HA! Do you remember waaaaaay back when you posted her avatar pic….I said, ohhhhh that one is gonna be trouble….and I was right. Sweet, but trouble.:)


Eddies a ham!
It should be a requirement for all of us- 1 video minimum for all new kitties! That was SO CUTE! Loved how Zeddie looked at the top of the tower!:in love:


Animal Communicator
Thanks! haha she is a monster. I was trying to get her to leap off the top like she usually does, but she was feeling more cautious for some reason

John Campbell

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Staff member
Excellent Video.. Job well done... if you do not mind me asking, what Video Editing Software are you using... It seems to work out well for you.