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Zeddie never stops eating!!


Animal Communicator
Zeddie is about 4 1/2 months now, and is eating raw. I had her on a mixture of raw and kibble when I first had her home because I wasn't home enough to feed her 4 times a day, so I had a bowl of kibble in her room with her.
Now that she's a bit older, I've stopped giving her the kibble, and makes sure she gets her raw, but she eats A LOT!!
She is probably about 5 lbs, but easily eats the amount recommended for a 10 lb cat. My older DSH is used to being free fed, so we have kibble available for him (he can't digest the raw) but zeddie likes to help herself to his food too.
Should I cut back on her raw intake, or does she need all this food as she is a growing kitten? She doesn't seem to be getting overweight, but I don't want to let it go if it will be heading in that direction,


Site Supporter
Tojo eats raw and he ate alot of food like that when he was that age. I couldnt believe it! But by about 6-7 months his appetite had began to decrease and he now at almost 10 mos eats twice a day the total amount he ate in 1 of his 3-4 feedings a day as a youngin'. I never cut back as long as he finished his bowl in one sitting.


Animal Communicator
Every time I go in the kitchen she begs for food and devours it like she hasn't eaten in a thousand years. It's like the poor thing doesn't eat


Staff member
I would let her eat as much as she wants right now unless you think she is overweight. She is a growing girl and needs her nourishment! As DChap says, she will slow down as she gets older :)


Animal Communicator
I buy prepackaged raw, so it has all the supplements added in already. I put out another bowl of kibble for her...she just stinks a lot worse when she is on both lol
She comes running to the door when I come home from work and I get all excited that she is greeting me, then I just realize she wants her food lol


Staff member
Ok, good! Sometimes raw alone is just not enough...but also what you could do is get one of the bowls that is on a timer, put her raw in it and set the timer to go off during the day...I have has two sides to it and I used to put Zuri's raw in both sides and set the timer off at different times...worked like a charm.