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Zeddie's Trip to Ottawa


Animal Communicator
I told my sister I would go to Ottawa with her and her baby, so I thought it would be fun to bring Zeddie with too.
After a ridiculously long car ride (8 hours as opposed to the 5 it should have been), we finally made it!
Here are some pictures of Zeddie through our trip so far:
IMG_1510.jpg "You guys clearly don't know where you're turn!"
IMG_1511.jpg "I told you I should have drove...we would have been there 3 hours ago!"
IMG_1512.jpg checking out her new domain
IMG_1515.jpg getting ready for our adventure to visit Parliament
DSC_0620.JPG My sister, my niece, Zeddie and I in front of the Parliament building
DSC_0625.JPG Zeddie being a perfect lady and sitting with her cousin (for treats of course) DSC_0626.JPG


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Hahaha she most definitely is :p
And the best travel buddy I've ever had! Full of purrs and head butts and always on her best behavior :D


Staff member
Kristin, thanks for sharing! GREAT photos and captions to go with photos...your niece is adorable and i LOVE Zeddie in her hoodie! That is one awesome Savannah cat!!!!


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She puts up with sooooooooo much! My niece absolutely loves her. Once we hit our 7th hour of driving they were both getting antsy and my niece started crying. Zeddie was sitting on my lap but I let her walk over and it was immediately giggles and laughs. She sure knows how to make her family happy <3