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This is my baby girl, Zumi. She lives with my parents, but I still call her my dog, because I rescued her from the shelter and did all her training..... so yes she is my girl! Sometimes she comes over for a day or two when my parents go out of town so I get to dog-sit.

I think she is primarily GSD, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd, with a touch of Greyhound, Husky, and probably lots of other things too hah.

*I apologize for the picture overload!*

She gets along great with other pets

This is her with my parent's tabby cat, Meesha

With Coco and Solo when Coco was a little puppy

With Solo

With Kronos

She is very smart and eager to please

She is very athletic

I love this girl!



Savannah Super Cat
Love the pics of her with all the other furs. She's beautiful and looks like a real love.


Staff member
She is really beautiful, Alisha! I love her face! She looks like such a sweetie ;)


I loved growing up with Zumi!!! She is such a submissive sweetheart. She gets along great with ferrets, cats, dogs, babies, everything I can think of. So gentle and loving and eager to please :) I hope to someday have a dog with the exact personality she has.

Funny story that I remember, when we took her home as a puppy the vet was guessing possible breeds and said she is Jack Russel.. she was a little white pup with that patch on her eye and looked kind of like one so it was believable. Our parents wanted a "little" dog :p so it was a surprise when she grew up 65lbs later hehe. Good thing though because I love big dogs!


So true Bre. Mom only let us get Zumi because she was listed as a "jack russel mix" so she didn't think that we would end up with a big dog!