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Zuri - One Week to Go ;-)


Staff member
Congratulations Paige & Ambiente. Paige, I was really hoping Zuri would have the babies before I leave for Slovenia on the 24th. It would kill me to have to wait until I get home to find out how many and that all was well. Looks like we're gonna make it! I know you're super excited (and a bit nervous) about your first litter and I'm sending you good karma for a smooth delivery. Zuri is going to be a great mom.


Staff member
Thanks Deborah and DChap...Deborah - she will have them next week...between Wed and Friday (I think) no worries will know before you leave. And thank you for the good karma - always helps ;) I hope she will be a good Mom - she is already grooming Taj like crazy - poor boy! he has no clue what the heck is going on :roflmao:

And you must be excited about your trip!!!