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3 years, Dooley and his winning battle with liver disease

John Popp

Site Supporter
Dooley update, he is doing remarkably well and thus far made it through spring without any asthma issues. We’ve been able to keep the windows open and not a single asthma attack. He’s doing well with his food, although I’m feeling a little out over my skis with the changes made. Protein continues to be gradually increased with the removal of fat and the oatmeal as a prebiotic. Solid stools from the oatmeal/probiotics gives us lots of latitude with the lactulose, again thanks to Brigitte and Mike.

Still looking for an IM vet and getting closer to the next time he needs to get a check up and blood ammonia test. We’ve entered into some training so he’s a little easier to handle at the Vets. Thus far Dooley likes it a ton and I’ll post some specifics on the training techniques at a later date. The larger issue is the very real fear some vets have of a large spotted cat and then the prerequisite of being an IM vet.

Oh well, minor issues. He’s healthy, happy and always hungry. Asking for any more is getting greedy.


Savannah Super Cat
This thread gave me the warm and fuzzies! So happy to hear Dooly is doing well and you have figured out the issues. Such a long journey. He a lucky to have such an attentive keeper.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Thanks Renee! We continue to push ahead with our boy, he's an incredible cat and we are lucky that he's been so responsive to his numerous programs.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Just wanted to post these images to document just how far we’ve come with Dooley. Note the deep rust color of his eyes when he was younger and before we had him diagnosed. His eyes continue to clear more and more, and looking at last nights photo made me realize that improvements continue. 07DF2D05-EE9A-4891-AE7E-1A534D062E57.jpeg CC593716-7C78-4E64-8156-114916A6516D.jpeg 07DF2D05-EE9A-4891-AE7E-1A534D062E57.jpeg