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Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat

There are breed seminars mostly all day at the Hyatt Hotel (the show hotel) in the Franklin D and C rooms (restaurant level). I am not sure if you had to have signed up beforehand; the cost is $20 for all of the events combined on Friday.

Fridays events:

In the Franklin C room:

10:00 am: Pet therapy
10:45 am: Abysinnian seminar.
11:30 am: Sphynx seminar
1:00 pm: Ragdoll seminar
1:45 pm: Toyger seminar

In the Franklin D room:

10:15 am: Genetics with Dr. Heather Lorimer
11:00 am: Siamese seminar
11:45 am: Bombay/Burmese seminar
2:00 pm: Havana seminar

In Franklin C and D combined:

3:00 pm: Genetics of Cat Breed Management-Traits and Diseases with Dr. Leslie Lyons

In the show hall:

6:00 pm: 3 All-Breed Championship Cat Congresses
3 Allbreed Kitten Fun Rings
3 Allbreed Alter Fun Rings


Kristine gave a wonderful Powerpoint presentation on the Savannah breed at the main stage. Responses were very positive.

But, I didn't win anything at the raffle, missed out on the photo and THE CAKE!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Josie! It was so great to meet you and Jeff! Thank you SO much for making the long trip there to cheer us on...and for keeping an eye on Lily and talking to people about did great :) I hope you and Jeff have a safe trip back home!

The Annual was wonderful...I am home and exhausted :]