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Just to clarify, my recollection was that the section where people could introduce themselves and possibly share personal information was the (?) only section besides the Savannah Breeding that was restricted to logged in members. The Savannah Breeding Section is still restricted. I agree it makes sense for the all the wealth of Savannah care info that is found in the other threads to be public! And maybe it is better the Introduction Section is now public too. I do not have a strong opinion either way, but personally I was a bit uncomfortable when I realized privacy settings in that section had changed and I removed some of the pictures and videos which contained parts of my personal living space I had only felt comfortable to share with logged in members.


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In the truck forum I am part of we have a few places where you have limited access. At the first level only paid and loged
users can see it. The next level is for moderators and chapter leaders. No one from outside can even view what is in the
leader/moderator area. The reason for that devision is to one get paid membership a place to talk. But it more a money maker
than anything else. The Leader/Moderator section is restricted so we can discuss issues that could include a users nick
name and the problem they are causing or having with some other user. Also lets us vent some steam when dealing with
problems. In one case the problem was with the site software and things we did not want out in the open.

Lots of times it can be done and you just have to decide if the cost is worth the benefit to put it in place. After all someone
has to set it up and if the site owner is not a code-monkey someone will have to be hired to do it.


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The thing is this - I am the code monkey doing everything and anything and these days we just don't have the participation we used to because of FB. I take a look at some of the forums and restrict the intro section - no reason non members need to see that aspect.

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The thing is this - I am the code monkey doing everything and anything and these days we just don't have the participation we used to because of FB. I take a look at some of the forums and restrict the intro section - no reason non members need to see that aspect.

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I sort of thought you had the part of the code-monkey.


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I have no idea how much work it would be to designate an area to be visible to logged in members only. I was imagining it would be as simple as clicking an option on a drop down menu, and if it is more than that, I would not want anyone to have to put more than a few minutes into this. (It sounded like Paige was going to make this section once again for logged in members only, but it seems to still be public) Some of the pictures I was hesitating to post in the completely public part of the forum were posted in the “Links We Like” section discussing enclosures, which I was surprised to discover is completely invisible unless I am logged in. (Meaning that section doesn’t even look like it exists if I am not logged in) I suspect this may be a glitch, as I am not sure why this section would be intentionally set up to be publicly hidden... ?(I would probably want to delete the picture I posted of my yard if this gets changed and is made public)


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Some code to run a board is hand built and others are from a farm type of operation that builds packages.
Then you have the box stuff that has all sorts of options and bugs to go along with it.

One forum I am on has some levels even if your logged in but have not ben granted access you can't even
see what is in that level. But then they have a whole zoo full of code monkeys and there are times when they
really make a mess of things and they are paid to do the work. When they do make a mess they get to fix it
but in the mean time the lower level people like myself get to deal with the mess. Also they never ask before
making some new change.

Paige has done a good job.


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Thanks for the heads up Sean. I am totally clueless what it takes to keep this forum working and apologize if my suggestions / observations are frivolous. It probably doesn’t matter that much either way. And I have greatly appreciated the information shared in this group whatever the privacy setting in various sections is....


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I had a friend that used to build the behind the scenes support software and he used to put a lot of work into it.
When it's software you created it can be easy to modify to meet needs. However when you try to do it with software
that someone else created it can be a lot of work. You almost have to get into there head to understand why they
did something a given way. That may also be a reason you got stopped in your tracks and have to find some other
way to do something.

I could go on but you see where I am going.
The last one I dealt with worked out to 11 pages of script in Perl Programming Language.
One little thing in the wrong place and you could clobber it.