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Hon, it's very easy to over-react and you and the doc have their health always at the front of your minds. It does sound odd I will admit. If they felt concerned they would have recommended something different, keep that in mind.

With my boys as a result of feline laryngitis and lysine supplement, they have touchy tummies and both yacked up almost clear fluid after stopping lysine supplementation a different morning each over the weekend and seem right as rain now. As if clearing the phlegm out, highly unusual.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Sorry, just re-read what I wrote and I don't want anyone to think that I wouldn't spend that kind of money on my cats, I have spent that and way more, and would again if I thought it was necessary.
As described, you not wanting to spend the money wasn't even on my radar. My guess had it been one of the vets who knew you better, the barrage of tests and treatment wouldn't have been brought up. Definitely sounds like he'll have a quick recovery. The bigger challenge will be finding what he was licking or got into as he isn't likely to be heading down that path again.

Hopefully all goes well and Matthew quickly returns to good health.

Keep us posted!

The Kasbah

It does sound as though he got into something he should not have, Patty. Hopefully the sub-Q fluids alone will help him rebound. Keep close watch over him though, as something like this of an unidentified origin can cause a relapse when one is least expecting it. Better to err on the side of caution than a false sense of my best advise is monitor, monitor, monitor!

All best for your furry friend for a complete and rapid rebound!



Breeding Savannahs for the Home
Well, he was out and running around like normal this morning. I have racked my brain as to what he might have licked and the only thing I can come up with is that we have cartons of flooring that is waiting to be put down and they are covered with plastic. My thought is that he might have licked the plastic and that it might have had something on it, picked it up from a warehouse. That is the only thing I can come up with. This is a cat that never gets into anything or does anything other than chase the other cats at times. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I will continue to keep an eye on him, but so far, knock on wood, he seems to be fine.


Breeding Savannahs for the Home
Thanks for the suggestion Shelby, I'll do that tonight. He is 7, so out of the teething stage, but can't really rule that out.