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Bath Without Traumatizing

Jason E

Savannah Super Cat
My brother has a medium-ish haired cat that for the most part doesn't smell bad but he is mostly off-white with some flame-point accents. However, after 10 months its obvious parts of him are getting a little dirty so I think i'm going to try the shower head on the floor technique. He does smell a little bit on the back of his neck because thats where he loves getting pet, and after long enough it has a distinct must to it.(cant clean the back of his neck)


Savannah Super Cat
I have never gave my cats a bath...they don't even smell. The only one that gets a bath and a hair cut is my seal point Himalayan at the Petco groomers but my DSH black cat and my F3 like to splash in their drinking water some time.....maybe they WANT a bath!:big grin:


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
I have never gave my cats a bath...they don't even smell.
Same here mostly...maybe one time for each cat ever. Despite this they do not smell though :). They do not like getting wet, but are getting better slowly. Now both Amaury and Shango will get their paws wet if I run water in a bathtub. So that's great strides IMO!


Site Supporter
I use petwipes, as needed.

Two of my three boys get regular baths.
D and Mickey each get a bath at least one time per month.

They get baths because bathing them helps me. I am not allergic to our F3 boy Jarvis, but I am somewhat allergic to D, and a lot allergic to Mickey. We did not know I would be allergic when we brought them home- I had never had cat allergies before, and I worked for a Vet for 3 years.

I put about 3" of warm water in the bath tub, and I wear a swimsuit and get in with them, and I hold on to them with one hand, and wash them with the other. It takes about 2 minutes for each of them to get a bath. Neither likes it, but both of them are pretty good. They both yowl, but neither of them try to get away, and they don't bite or scratch. They stand with their front paws on the edge of the tub, and their back paws in the tub, and I get them wet quickly, soap them up with kitten shampoo quickly, and then rinse them carefully. I don't wash their heads, I don't want to get soap in their eyes or water in their ears. I talk to them both the whole time, and towel them off lightly when I am done.

Do they like it? No. But all in all they are pretty good.


Savannah Super Cat
Since we're on the subject, for those who shower with their cats, what kind of shampoo and soap, or other precautions do you use to avoid harming the cats when they are in the shower with you?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
When the kitties jump in the shower, they usually end up well-rinsed so I don't generally take "precautions"... they don't usually end up with too much shampoo etc on them... although there was a time I was showing one cat who every morning jumped into the shower and she would smell of the shampoo I used, the judges would comment how nice she smelled...if a bit damp for the first ring of the day ;-)