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birth annoucment



This was purposeful cross. But I only did it because my fertile f4C male will mate only one cat and my f2 jungle cat hybrid is the one. I have tried him with 5 others but they were all a no go he only wants her. He will try to mate her anytime heat or no heat pregnant or not ; but hisses at all other female cats.I may repeat this breeding in future as i see how these kittens turn out as both parents are goeregous and the f2 jungle cat hybrid could pass for a savannah she has many savannah traits big ears, spots all over, good profile, short tail.


sorry I guess no html allowed I will upload pics here later


Here are the kittens!!!

male 1 brown spotted "oro"
biggie1.jpg biggie2.jpg biggie3.jpg

male 2 brown spotted "biggie"
biggie1.jpg biggie2.jpg biggie3.jpg

male 3 three silver spotted "fuzzy"
fuzzy1.jpg fuzzy2.jpg fuzzy3.jpg

male 4 silver marble "swirly"
swirly1.jpg swirly2.jpg swirly3.jpg


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We have babies!! They are from my f4C savannah male Big Brother Timmy and my f2 jungle cat hybrid willow. So far 4 kittens have been born last night and I think she is done. There are 2 brown spotted, one silver spotted and one silver marble. All males. I will update this thread with pictures when the time comes.
Congratulation!!! very interesting to see the photos..., you always want something new;) congratulations again:)