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Black Smoke Boy

Jason E

Savannah Super Cat
I dont know...I think i need more pictures before I make a final judgement...:big grin:. very beautifuL! I love smoke colored savannahs, don't see them often, well I don't at least.


Savannah Super Cat
A shot from today... He sure is hard to take a photo of lol!


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Savannah Super Cat
Kristin- that's all I've been doing, at least when my husband's not looking lol! The kitten is supposed to be bonding with him after all... but how can anyone resist that little face and nose?

He also does the cutest thing- as soon as you go near or talk to him he starts kneading, even when you pick him up. So it looks like he's marching if he's on the ground, and swimming if you're holding him. lol. CUTENESS!


Staff member
Awww, how adorable! He is quite the talker - I had a couple of my girls come over looking to meet Mr. Personality... :up: