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Changing Locations


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I also have a feeling that a kitten may be just what the doctor ordered. We went 5 months without a kitty when we lost Thimbu. My co-workers were overjoyed when we got Jammu and then Rafiki. I have a strange feeling that I may have been a serious bitch-on-wheels during those 5 months.


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I am glad to hear you are considering another SV kitten, after having a Savannah I'd be lost without one following me around, it may help you and your wife to ease the stress of what you are going through now.

Brigitte Cowell

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Kittens are very adaptable, but even adults can handle that kind of change. They would have had long enough to bond with YOU so wherever you and Trish are the kittens/cats will be fine.

I take my kittens and cats to cat shows, so they go on a long trip and thence to a strange room...the first half hour they might be a bit disturbed but soon curiosity gets to them and they are exploring and within no time acting like they've lived there for months.

I think a pet would be so good for you and your wife, so I heartily applaud the idea of getting one now rather than waiting for your home to be finished!


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I had to move two years ago with a 6 month old F2 and a two year old sbt. I limited them to the master bedroom for a month, while I removed the "popcorn" ceiling texture in the rest of the house. The cats did fine and I think it helped some with the bonding. Also, I made sure to take them outside, weather permitting.

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I don't think that generation plays as much a role when changing environment as the individual personality of the kitten/cat. Most Savannahs are pretty confident and outgoing, so as long as it has bonded with you and has those familiar toys and bedding, I dont think there should be an issue.

Having said that, I would still treat it the same way as bringing a new kitten into the home, since it is a new home, in that I would limit it so a single room or so (bathroom, bedroom) until it settles in and gets familiar with that area of the house, then gradually introduce it to the rest of the layout, and of course always making sure it knows how to easily get to the litterbox, food, and water.


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I know 3 months after getting our SV we took a 2 week vacation and he came with us. He was never hesitant for a second and immediately acted as if he owned the place. I can't see it being an issue as long as the bonding is complete.

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John Popp

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Thanks Patti, and thanks for the other responses.

Monte definitely loved his quarantine condo and he would often return to just hang out or rest. It was definitely his binkie or woobie and gave him solace far after he had run of our home. I'll keep it in mind for when we eventually get to return.