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Does she need a playmate?


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Morgan,

If I don't have all of my attention on her, she meows very aggressively and then will misbehave by peeing on my bed.

I am pretty positive that its because she needs a friend. I would like to help find her a friend to hang out with but cannot get another pet right now. Does this forum connect people like that? I live in Los Angeles.. and I am loosing my mind here. please help!

oh and she is an F3 (but tiny only 10LB) and really sweet and loving most of the time. 1 year and a few months.
Sorry that it took me so long to respond to this, but I don't actually see the similarities to our situations, as my girl has never had issues with urinating or defecating anywhere but inside her litter box. She even held it for a lengthy car ride one time.
Mine does meow very loudly when she gets bored, but I wouldn't call it aggressive. And I can play with her with a wand toy for even a few minutes and that usually settles her down. Her aggressiveness is just in her play style, as I have a few scars from her, all of which were accidents and she was just going for a toy but completely out of control hyper and caught the edge of my cheek or something instead of the toy.

I don't know that getting another cat until you have the urination problem under control is a good idea. The new addition will smell the pee and then might start to exhibit the same behaviour. I would even suggest getting a new mattress, because even with regular domestic cats once they have started to pee somewhere, it's extremely difficult to get the smell out and get them to stop.

It does sound like she needs more attention and stimulation though. Perhaps you could try some mechanized toys. Something like this:

You can turn it on right before you leave for work. Mine has an auto shut off after 30 minutes so it doesn't kill the batteries if you're not paying attention to it, and my cat loves it. It wasn't as durable as I'd have liked, but she got some good use out of it for sure, and it was great when I was too busy to play with her.