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Does Walking a Savannah Cat Lead to Escapes


Staff member
Actually taj did not start door dashing until he was older...but I am getting the compressed air and we'll see if it works...
This is one of the things I've wondered and partially keeps me from taking our current cats out for walks. So far they door dash but only into interior rooms we normally keep closed off to them. It's like hey what's in there you keep blocking me from, OK zoom I'll go see for myself. lol Of course some of the rooms we now just leave the doors open and they could care less.
We have a doggie door that they have yet to figure out it leads anywhere even though the dogs go in and out all the time. The first sign that they are interested in using it it'll be removed. I'd rather have to manually let the dogs out then the cats get out.
But maybe ours get enough exercise indoors that we won't need to worry about taking them for walks. Besides all the play time they get with us they also love running on their new Cat Wheel. Since we won that in a raffle they've wanted to play less with us. hehe


Savannah Super Cat
We come into the house from the garage. Front door never gets used.
We have the garage door and than the laundry room door. If they got past both those the main garage door is never opend unless cats are secure.


Site Supporter
How far do you go when you walk? My cats just walk around the yard over and over. Once in a while they may want to go around the cul de sac but its not often. Very content to go around and round :)
Well, I think this is why Marilyn recommends not walking your Savannah/Bengal. I have to say- I do think walking them leads to door dashing. Heck, walking my Doxie lead to him dashing down the street like a fool wiener- hair blowing back in the breeze, short little legs stretched out to run!


I got one of those whoosh air sprayers to try to keep Djembe off the table, but I set it off myself all the time. I learned really fast not to reach for anything on the table. LOL.


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Tojo is getting too used to the air compressor and today for the first time he tapped his paw at the doggie door :eek:. I have so far decided not to take him outside for walks since we live on a busy street. I actually want him to be afraid of the outdoors. Our house is plenty big enough for him to get lots of exercise and he regularly sits contented by the locked screen doors to get "fresh air". When I lift him off the counters and tell him no he runs at me and fakes a swat or a bite toward me. Its so cute I can't help but "giggle: