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Does your Savannah learn from your other cats?



I hope themba is going to learn some things of my other cats.

I expected super abilities from a Savannah but my other cat jumps better and higher.
Themba has much more energy and strenght in the playfights but my other cat is much more smarter and has better tactics.

My moms dog picked something up from my cat when they lived together.
Now the dog wash his face licking his paws and rubbing his face.
I don't know much about dogs but they don't usualy do that right ? or do they?

But the most i pick up from the cat, if you look very carefully they know all the secrets of life.
What I noticed with Duma is that the older he gets, the more he learns. He didn't start out with necessarily high jumps, but he does jump higher than a Ragdoll, even just based on balance and weight (ragdolls are like fat stocky cats with big bellies). Duma isn't super-coordinated, but in comparison lol

Duma knows exactly what time I come home from work. The minute I get out of my car I hear his calls, he has a window terrace that he sits in and makes his call to me, his deep throaty "I'm here, you haven't forgotten me, have you? Come here now!". He always knows when I'm coming, and never fails....

On the other hand, with the washing thing, my DSH taught my Ragdoll how to wash...and I mean really wash, to the point where the fur is *wet*. I hope he doesn't teach Duma, but it doesn't matter because I can tell when Dante's already given Duma his literal bath. The dogs I've had did clean themselves, but we always bathed the dogs because they didn't do the best job, and especially on their faces. I could imagine, though, a cat enjoying the sense of cleaning a dog. As I understand it, the cleaning ritual is kind of tied up with dominance....

SV Dad

Site Supporter
Dantes, don't worry. Actually, be grateful. The intelligence is the part the ends up annoying us owners at some point, and sometimes a large part of the time. Duma may be more careful that the other cats, but he will come into his own, and then you will be posting on this board looking for advice to solve a challenge.
Maybe you haven't seen it yet, but I am getting worried about the multi level logic problem solving and opportunity making behavior of Mayhem. John Popp has this problem with Chongo, his brother. They can be subtley devious.


Staff member
The only thing my SVs learned from my DSH is that old crabby diva kitties do not appreciate the SV carpe diem approach to life.

My SVs learn from each other, unfortunately only bad habits. And they learn from watching me and DH which is very scary. When you see an SV quietly studying your actions as you go working around the house, it can mean big trouble. This is how mine learned to turn on the lights and the faucets. And I caught one of them pouncing on the remote and then looking at the TV which was turned off. Pounce, look, pounce, look as though he was trying to make the pretty pictures and sound come on.o_O


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Yes, mine do. One case, Amaury did not used to door dart. Shango has always door darted. Amaury has watched Shango, and now Amaury door darts! But he only does this at the door he waits for me to come home, then he proceeds to walk out (the door leads into my locked garage, so no issues).


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
So far.............
Yep! Good point. It's easy to forget about looking out for door darting. I'm making it practice to look down, even sometimes, shielding something as blockage as I open/close the door! Just crazy paranoid!! Also, I make sure the car garage door is down prior to entering the house via the garage door to the house. Amaury just figures he can follow me everywhere these days, he's very brazen!! I have to tell him, "No Amaury, I'm going to work. I could use your help at work...but you can't go little guy".

Green eyed kitty

Mystique the dog/cat;Seraphimah spunky kitty
Savannah's are highly intelligent cats. That might be why most people say they are similar to a dog. I think your Savannah learns from you, your cats and other animals.

Mystique has some of her parents traits. She is friendly, social, loves to be held, wraps around my husbands neck. Like her father did to his owners.

But yet she studies my older cats behaviour, reacts to children and us gently. Lays around like him and is a lap cat like my older cat is? Which is not supposed to be Savannah behaviour.

We taught her to travel as a kitten. She was at the Vet last week, and complete strangers came up and petted her. Even though the dogs in the building brought out her hissing.

Your Savannah will continue to have an amazing personality both learned and genetic.

Savannah's are cool cats!