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F1 vs F2?



That's funny--last night I got so tired of feeling Duma's nails as he play-ascended my leg yet again. I forcefully held him down and successfully got the job done. He was mad at me for about 10 minutes but with a few snacks and a snuggle at bedtime he soon forgave me.

One day we will get this done with no wiggle struggle.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think the clipping of nail issue is really individual cats rather than generation...some cats don't care and others really do. Possibly the fact that most F1s tend to react intensely means if they don't like nail clipping time they REALLY won't like it. But Nina and Missy might grumble but are completely handleable for this...


Savannah Super Cat
In my humble opinion, based on my kitty, I think the higher generations need a bit more attention. My F2, I think gets bored alot, although she does entertain herself quite a bit. She is pretty active and LOVES LOVES LOVES to play. She would play all the time with me if I had the time. Sometimes I feel that she is not stimulated enough just being by herself. We do have a dog, so that helps, but they don't really play per say, it is just another animal for her so she isn't all by herself. I would definately get another kitty if I could as a playmate for her ~ Hubby won't have it!