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F2 Savannah uses litter box in an interesting way


Savannah Kitten
Ever since I first got him at 3 months, he has always stood to go pee and poo; he stands on the edge, hovering his booty above the litter, suspended in air. I wonder if he learned it from his Mom. This is him at 5 1/2 months old, 11.6 pounds. Name is Siroe (pronounced SEE-row-ay) ... a Persian king.

Siroe going to restroom 5  months and 2 weeks old 11 pounds 9 oz.jpg


Staff member
SIroe is gorgeous! (Even when using the litterbox :giggle: ) I have a couple of Savannahs, and a Highlander to relieve themselves in the same way.


Savannah Super Cat
Lol! Reminds me of my boy's posture when pooing completely. He hates his paws being in the sand Just be grateful he makes it in, it is terrible when they miss or it hits the edge and makes a mess.

He has a separate pellet box where he pees.