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Forum Sponsors and Giveaways


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I may have to update the email giveaway will be two items - a pendant by Fazios and a serval ornament, by Dana Paige Designs...
Oooh! That's better than a BOGO!! This is a win one, wait no win two!!!

And I agree this is the best place to find Savannah info, I refer newbies here because it is so easy to find what you're looking for.


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I am here all the time when I am home, and it is sometimes very dead.

Yes, I know Cary....but forums are always that way...we just need to have more participation in the giveaways and a bit more on the forum itself to keep it going...


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I didn't get an email or see any post or I would have participated. I usually stop by in the morning and evening, so just bad timing for me.
Same here. Now granted, things were nuts for me on Sunday so it probably would not have helped much. I guess I should check my filters on my email.


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I was there on Sunday, but I think I was not supposed to participate bec I won the last Fazio pendant. I have to admit it's more of a Sasha's pendant than mine - he's still obsessed about it !!!


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Oooh, are these going to be two separate giveaways? Which ornament will it be? Actually I don't care, I love them all!!!


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While I come here daily to read, I have been more of a lurker lately due to things I have to deal with. Don't feel much like posting. Love the forums and would hate to see it go. Was not interested in the painting or jewelry (an ornament might be nifty though), more interested in something that directly benefits my cats.