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Savannah Super Cat
I believe it'll be 100% rain for the next 24 hours or so where we are in the DC area and winds. We've prepared for a rough time and hopefully we don't lose power for too long. Thankfully the office is closed tomorrow!

For those closer to the shore please stay safe!


Site Supporter
It is blowing here in Point Pleasant, NJ, but it has not gotten terribly nasty yet. Strangely enough, Jarvis, who is usually our scardy cat, is sitting in the window watching the storm, and our ultra- confident Mickey keeps climbing in my lap every time there is a loud noise!


Savannah Super Cat
Everyone keep safe!

It's just really windy here in New Rochelle. I don't think we'll be ordered to evacuate- we're not THAT close to the water. I'm just praying the power doesn't go out. The worst that'll happen to me is that the basement will be flooded, but that happens every other time it rains for more than three days in a row...

jungle boy

Savannah Super Cat
Yeah, we lose power often here in Morris County NJ. We are served by JCP&L and they aren't as good as PSE&G. Paige, you have PSE&G right?