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Hello everyone!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Bekki - For a later generation kitten I strongly suggest you look no further than Bridgette Cowell who you already have the very good fortune to be talking to on this thread. She has produced some of the best later generation SBT's I've ever seen and, at the least, she can make some solid recommendations for you in private if she has no suitable litters in your timeframe.

In the case of Savannah's - you get what you pay for - and while there's a little wiggle room these really aren't cheap cats.
Awww, thanks for that! I am happy to help out with suggestions if I know what someone is looking for and where they are located if I can find them a good local option I am happy to give a suggestion :) Most of the breeders that comment on this forum regularly are the same that way, we spend time her to help our breed :)


Savannah Super Cat
That is still very cool I never knew that. And yea we may confused some people haha.