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Holy cow!


Holy Cow is right! Of course I've never spent much money on that type of stuff. I think everyone has their thing they like to have that is considered pricey or silly to others. I used to give my sister a hard time with all the designer clothes, bags, and shoes she'd buy. Then we got our Bengals and soon Savannah kitten and she said I was crazy for spending that kind of money. lol
For me it's electronics usually...that is till the kittens stole my heart. :p


Savannah Super Cat
No way. Only one vented side in a hot leather bag. Designer chic maybe but not functional for a live animal. Their stuff is built to last though. I have a purse, wallet, and key ring that have withstood my abuse for years without a problem.
Very true. Probably should look at it from the animal's point of view, right?

Glenn bought me a LV purse when I was pregnant with Elijah. I've used it for six years now & it still looks almost brand new.


Savannah Super Cat

Remember, we all have Savannahs?

Hehehe. Or want one! OR want another!

Very TRUE Trish! I dont know how many "wtf" looks I've gotten when I tell people I have a Savannah, mainly because these people know they are expensive. Usually its followed by "aren't those the gigantic cats that cost like, 10,000 dollars?" Then I have to educate. :)