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How do you deal with...

SV Dad

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Welcome Vickielynn!
You came to the right place for enablers of Savannahs! That kitten is going to steal your hearts away.
It's nobody's business what you paid.
But every servant on this forum will tell you they are worth every penny!
What's becoming uncommon? Single savannah houses.
I have three. Many have more.......
Read Witchy Woman's or my signature. They say it all!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Welcome Vickielynn and congrats on your soon to be new SV baby!

I agree with everyone; no one's business what you paid. And yes, she will be worth every penny...and more :)

For fun, when I am asked what I paid for a certain cat, I sometimes say either $100 or $10,000. I get the same shocked gasp and head shaking regardless of the number tossed at them, lol.


Site Supporter
Welcome Vickielynn. Callie looks so sweet! The way I figure it, my last cats lived to be just shy of their 21st birthday so to me it was well worth it to get cats with certain personality traits as they (God willing) will be around for a long, long time. I wanted an active cat that would be my little buddy and Rafiki is all that.


Eddies a ham!
Congratulations! Being a Savannah servant is serious business, Eddie yells at me every morning for his breakfast. Mojo howls- yes howls if I'm too slow to grab his treats after work & he taught Eddie to jump in to refrigerator-after Mojo opens it! Then we have sweet tempered Tigger the Bengal who knocks the treats off the counter because he has learned it actually opens up sometimes, guess who taught Mojo the fridge trick!!! Welcome to a wonderful place to be accepted.


Staff member
Welcome Vickielynn! This forum exists for Savannah addicts like you so that you know you are not alone, or crazy for spending so much money on such a wonderful lifelong companion. We've all been there with you... and you will not be disappointed! Callie is adorable!!! :in love:


Savannah Super Cat
Hi and welcome! Just as Kristin said, everyone spends money on whatever hobby, or activity they like to do. It's no one's business what you choose to spend yours on.

Your new baby is adorable!


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you everyone for your kind words :) I'm happy to be here and to learn all about caring for my baby before she comes home :)

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Yes VickieLynn, You just concern yourself with your new little fur baby and don't concern yourself with the opinions of the unfeeling ones. A Savannah cat will show you love as you've never experienced it before. And make you laugh at the same time.


Savannah Super Cat
Callie is adorable. I went through alot of the garbage you're going through and I got to the point where I let people have it because it's none of people's business. Are you hurting anyone? No. Are they paying for the cat? No. And let me caution you...once she arrives, you won't be able to shut up about her but we understand here because we're all obsessed with our Savannahs. Actually being a Savannah parent is a privilege so in a way, I think people are a little jealous.