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Hubby brought home another savannah. Help??


Site Supporter
He did have feline leukemia test it was negative. He also is current on all vaccinations and neutered.

But Should I have the feline leukemia test done again?

I would. Unless the test is very recent. I would also start antiparasics if he was with dogs.


Staff member
Okay, so I believe the FP means 'Foundation Permissible'. Dawn bred the parents and sold them to Holly Odd, who then bred Mojoe from them. I am a little puzzled by Tracy's code since that is an unusual code for a Savannah sire. I doubt mom is an SBT Savannah however, as I doubt Dawn bred any SBT litters back in 2007, in fact I don't know that she has ever bred an SBT litter. You should definitely talk to her, she should be able to shed more light on Mojoe's background.


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I would have the vet run titers on all previous vaccinations so that you know for sure what he was vaccinated for previously and what his level of immunity is. Definitely do not let Koda near him until you have the parasite report. I can tell you that treating one cat for Giardia is bad but having to treat both is horrific!

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
She had said dad was a F6 and that mom was an outcross Bengal I believe making him F7A.
Cool! Ziggy's grandmother was a Bengal, the one bred to the Serval. And Oni, my F6, obviously has tons of Bengal, with her two tone spots, soft coat and petite size, but still has a late generation Savannah build and personality. They're great companions, very different and both delightful.

He's going to be a great addition. And, as much as cats are supposed to be loners, I think they do much better with a four footed companion.