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HYBRID - Are Savannahs, Bengals and Chausies Hybrids?


Staff member
Sooooo, how long do you think HSUS or its ilk will take to petition the USDA to change the ruling? Tick tock goes the clock.
You mean the definition? It has been in existence forever...but what they have done is use the word hybrid after many breeders called them that and run with now it is up to us to reprogram everyone


Staff member
It is so unfortunate that the only thing that speaks any more is money. If you do not have money you cannot change ( or keep ) anything. All, and I do mean ALL, polititions are bought and paid for. The ONLY way to get their attention is with big bucks. Votes do NOT count anymore, because the election process is bought and paid for too. I am sorry to say that, but I have watched America become Amerika. Freedom of, and voices for, the people are a thing of the past. We can blame ourselves for allowing it and not rising up and stopping it using whatever means are necessary. I have given up trying to effect any change in government or law because I am not blessed with enough money to do anything.
Very true, Cary! But I have not given up yet because I have been lucky enough to see my hard work pay off - in CT, In a little county in TX and am working on NYC and Delaware...oh and in Ohio as well...I was once a union organizer and was able to effect change then as well..


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I am With you Paige. But I have seen a lot of failures too. But I am gonna stand WITH you in this. "Damn the torpedos...full speed ahead!"

John Campbell

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Staff member
It is kind of funny to think of them as Hybrids... LOL, like the car example... Half Cat and Half Robot... Even though sometimes I wonder if they have a nuclear power plant that never lets them run out of energy :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:...