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Kitten bites


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Shelby,
No, they do not have food when he does it. Today he jumped on my youngest (she is 7) when she came home from school. Looked like he was trying to hug her around the waist but it scared her a bit. The funny thing is, Napoleon likes the children the best. When they were away at the cottage for a few days I could tell he really missed them - same as when they went back to school. They understand that he just wants to play, but they are young and when he jumps they get spooked. I told them to have a toy nearby all the time, so that when he jumps, they can grab the toy and distract him from their limbs! Humans are not on serval menu so no huge worries eh? LOL My main concern is that I want our family to apply appropriate amounts of discipline without scaring him. So that he gets the message but doesn't start hiding under couches, which we are happy to see so far he has not done. I think he trusts us, and I don't want to ruin that.


I think he likes them because they are more his size? Maybe have a teaser wand available so that they can redirect his attention and take some of the excitement out of him at the start of the reunions;>) It does sound like he is enjoying the children...just a little too much;>) I know he is not trying to hurt or scare them..he just needs to be redirected before he gets the chance to make that first jump when he is excited to see them.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think that the tackling of the kids is exuberance and him being excited...for example when your youngest came home from school. He's obviously got a lot of energy that is not being expended in other ways. Possibly you could plan on ten minutes of racing around after a wand toy right before your daughter comes home from school. Then he can just be happy to see her, but maybe not so over-excited he jumps and grabs at her?