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can you know for sure?:eek:
Intuition and observation. There's no significant change in behavior once the balls are no longer jauntily gracing his back end (unless, of course, we're talking about a stud cat).

I can tell you for certain that I did humiliate one of my DSHs years ago. He didn't bat an eye when he was neutered. But, I used to have him shaved in a lion cut for the summer and not only was he humiliated, he was angry -- for about 4 days. For the first 4 days, he'd stare at me with a very mean squint and hit me every time he walked passed me. He'd mope around with his head hung low and he needed a lot of consolation from my other cat. Then around day 4, he realized he felt a lot better in the heat without the burden of all that fur and I was forgiven. If you find a cat that act's like that after being neutered, I'd say he's a candidate for neuticles.

SV Dad

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But.................can you know for sure?:eek:
I've had a lot of males get clipped over the years, and not one of them ever complained. I'm willing to bet that nobody on this board has had a clipped male cat complain. The only complaining seems to come from the male owners.:rolleyes:

just messing with ya!

On second thought, why don't you just duct tape a small pair of potatoes and see how it goes?

John Popp

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SO if you are that worried your cat might be upset, take a picture for him to reflect upon later!
I think this is a poor strategy. Pouring salt on the wound and no telling what could be in store for you when reminded of what he's lost. The bar strategy works much better with a couple beers and explaining how the vet slipped when a retriever was on a tear through the operating room in pursuit of a ferret. It all could have been much worse and they are fortunate to even be here.