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new savannah

John Campbell

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For Elsa.... It is a small Stuffed Mouse and these Vibrating ones that run across the floor that she got for Christmas a couple of years ago... She will play with the New Stuff, but always comes back to 1 of those 2 that she will play with for hours.

This is her favorite mouse... She will play with it for hours and carry it every where... I have tried to find another one like it, but have not been able to anywhere....


I got a few of these... Switch on the bottom and you turn it on and in runs around the room (pretty slow)... She will knock it off and sometimes carry it around... She much prefers it not running, but carries it to me to throw for her and she fetches it.... She will do that for hours non-stop. You can get those at Petsmart.

I got a lot other toys even one that spins a laser around... she will chase the laser a little bit, but not for long and then just ignores it.. Got another one that is motion sensor and has a tail that moves in and out... She will play with it for 2 or 3 minutes and walk a way from it.

One thing that I have noticed is that Savannah's are too smart and figure out the high end toys are not as smart as they are... Good luck on finding the right toy... that is a real challenge with Savannah's...​
A floor full of cat toys sounds accurate! :big grin: Are there anyone’s that are big hits for your girl?
Zazu likes anything with a face! She’s tough on her stuff, so I buy her dog toys made of durable fabrics and take off any plastic bits. Her fave things by far are the Ripple Rug, and her Kong Wubba rabbit. Wand toys are a big hit, too. Those get put away after playtime.