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Our new f4 boy!


Reincarnated cat Moderator
What I meant Samantha, is you are naughty like a Savannah. Keeping us waiting... And now you make one of the videos PRIVATE! sheesh.


Animal Communicator
Adorable videos! Fitz is such a cutie :in love: ( I am late to the party, I know)

As for his vocalizations, no cat can be louder than Zeddie. When I picked her up, her breeder cleaned her ears and Zeddie let out the loudest growl I ever heard! I commented on it, and my breeder was completely nonplussed by it at all. That was the precedent for Zeddie meeting all people ever. I don't even notice her sounds now, but whenever she meets someone they are always shocked at how loud she is. She is often mistaken for aggressive, but really, she just wants people to know her limits.

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
He isn't loud in volume but he definitely has a lot to say! Lol it's mainly growls with a meow here or there. Thank you for the compliment on his cuteness!!!


Site Supporter
D and Mickey are both talkers, and Jarvis is slowly turning into one. I like the talking, it makes me feel like I know better what they want and how they are feeling.