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Owning a Savannah


Savannah Super Cat
I am tired to learn bad things about Savannah and Bengal. When I was first interested to buy an exotic cat I receive all sort of bad comments, particularly from the Animal Shelter. I learn savannah and bengal are wild animal able to kill other cats and hurt human. I'm still in shock with those false advertising! Any cat can be destructive if not handle properly or dangerous if scared even so the smallest kitten. I believe it's the minority of Savannah who are not good pets. My roommate use to have this terrible 50$ cat. He was dirty, annoying and destructive. However, it was not his fault. Partially, where he come from and partially my roommate fault.

I believe on of the most important thing if buying a Savannah is to have a sense of humour and keep important things out of reach.

Having said that I think it's the responsibility for each breeder to explain the race when buying and propose the best generation according to buyer lifestyle. Getting an F1 for me would be a terrible idea so I wont buy an F1. I believe most problems come from backyards breeder. I also do agree we should not buy it only for the look but also see if these cat can fit within our lifestyle. I think most behavioural problems come from the owner or bad breeding.


Savannah Super Cat
Princeton, I've had cats for 40 years. This breed, is amazing. Yeah, they are expensive, and well worth it!
My husband is so funny. He huffed and puffed about how much we paid for "a cat", but since Nyah has wrapped him around her little paw, I never hear a word about it. I have heard him talking to Nyah telling her how beautiful she is and he is so glad we have her when he thinks I can't hear him. :p

There was none of the convincing needed with the purchase of Kovu like I had to do with Nyah, he had gotten it then! When I tell him he has come to the dark side of crazy cat people he says no, YOU are a crazy cat person. I am a crazy Savannah person and there is a difference!