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Poor Taz


Savannah Super Cat
He was put under when we first got him to get fixed. Came out fine. On the sheet it says "domitor, torb, ketamine". The vet said that he was probably freaking because waking up he doesn't really know whats going on and is disoriented. That makes sense to me. Do u think I should be more concerned?


Staff member
My gut tells me it was the ketamine. There are many more choices that don't have the hallucinogenic effects of ketamine. No need to be concerned unless this behavioral change continues past 24 hrs. Then I would call the vet and have a chat about the ketamine and certainly forbid its use again. There are several sites on the net that state that ketamine can cause temporary and permanent behavior changes in cats and dogs. These occurrences are rare but nonetheless, something to be aware of.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks. He's stopping growling and hissing and freaking out. Now he's behind the boiler, which is his "safe" spot. He's just laying there, we looked in with a flashlight (no lights back there) and he didn't attack. Hopefully the worst is over and now he's just tired and medicated.


Site Supporter
So sorry to hear about this. I'm sure your completely stressed. In my experience, cats normally heal quickly from these things. Just keep him somewhat confined and try not to worry yourself into an ulcer. Taz WILL be fine.;)


Savannah Super Cat
So good news update. Taz pooped, peed and ate some food. He also let me give him loves and brush him. Seems like he's over the vet trauma. We'll keep him locked up for a week or so and hopefully his little foot will be better by then. If he wasn't so skitish this wouldn't have happened, but he's always been like that. He'll be walking across the living room, see his shadow and jump in the air all poofed out. He's a weirdo. tri smug:

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I agree that the most likely explanation for Taz's behavior is the ketamine, the hallucinogenic properties of that drug can cause those kinds of reactions, glad he didn't hurt himself further!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery of Taz's paw!