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Rate of Growth

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Loki went to the vet today to get fixed but was panting a little to much and they toke X rays and think his hart is to big. They want to run more tests. His groth rate has ben fast.
I screen all my breeding cats for HCM and Savannahs do have slightly different hearts than an average domestic shorthair. So do other breeds, not all cat hearts are the same apparently. How old is Loki?

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Loki F6 SBT
10 weeks April 06 12 2.13 pounds
April 28 12 3.13 pounds
June 09 12 6.09 pounds
June 29 12 7.03 pounds just under 5 months old
He is not inordinately large or growing at an odd rate. If you are concerned about anything heart related ask your vet to refer you to someone who can do a cardiac ultrasound to check for any abnormalities. Did they hear a murmur or anything?

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
No Just the xray and they said it was a little big. Next is the ultrasound. Loki does not show any weakness at all he plays harder and faster than my two F5's so I was suprised to here this news.


Staff member
What kind of tests did the vet want to run? If he is concerned about his heart size he will probably want to get an ultrasound of his heart. Hopefully everything will be fine and he was just panting because he was nervous about being at the vets.

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
He does HATE the vet with a passion and I think that is what was going on at the Vet. He hates to be left alone and yells at the door for a while and is waiting at the door when we come home.
Zeus F2B

4/24/12 (11.1 wks)
tailbase - neck 9 inches
ground - top shoulder 8 inches
weight - unknown

05/14/12 (14 wks)
tailbase - neck 14 inches
ground - top shoulder 9 inches
weight - 5 lbs

05/28/12 (16 wks)
tailbase - neck 15 inches
ground - top shoulder 11 inches
weight - 5.2 lbs

06/28/12 (20 wks)
tailbase - neck 15 inches
ground - top shoulder 12 inches
weight - 7.2 lbs

Abu F2B

06/28/12 (19 wks)
tailbase - neck 17 inches
ground - top shoulder 14.5 inches
weight - 10 lbs


Hello Alisha, So far each kitten I have kept have grown to be larger than their parents (eg: female kittens have grown to be larger than their mothers, and male kittens have grown larger than their fathers). It seems by Krono's growth chart that he is a healthy boy. Do you know the size of his parents at all? I know I have a boy that I got in from up north, and he is already 10 lbs at 7 months old. He is growing extremely fast, and is very clumsy!!